Remnant Oil Operating LP ("Remnant" or "Remnant Oil") is an oil and gas exploitation and production company headquartered in Midland, Texas. Remnant's field operations and management are conducted under Remnant Oil Operating LLC, which serves as its Operating Company.

With its Midland, Texas base of operations, Remnant is geographically focused in the Permian Basin of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico, the most prolific oil and gas production region in the U.S. Geographically, Remnant is primarily focused in the Northwest Shelf area of the Delaware Basin in Eddy, Lea, and Chaves counties, New Mexico.

Geologically, Remnant's plans are to primarily target the shallow Permian-age reservoirs along the Northwest Shelf, principally the Yates, Seven Rivers, Grayburg, and San Andres zones with well depths ranging between approximately 1,800' to 4,000'.

As an exploitation and production company, the goal of Remnant Oil is to enhance oil and gas production through the use of proven waterflood secondary-recovery technology, as well as tertiary in existing producing leases and shallow conventional wells by:

  • Re-development of under-developed and/or under-utilized waterflood projects by:
    • Initially performing workovers to clean-out existing oil wells and water injection wells, running new cased-hole well logs, and completing all productive zones in each well.
    • Improving the conformance between oil producing wells and water injection wells by insuring that both producing and injection wells are completed in the same productive zones.
    • Converting current oil wells to water injection wells in strategic locations to provide waterflood pressure support and reservoir energy to offset producing oil wells that have experienced either little or no pressure support in the past.
    • Expansion, modification, and repair of existing waterflood station and oil production battery facilities and equipment in order to handle increased future water injection, oil production, and water production volumes.
    • Drilling new producing oil wells and water injection wells to fully develop the productive acreage in the waterflood Units by adding new waterflood patterns, where necessary.
  • Development of new waterflood projects to increase oil production rates and ultimate recovery of oil reserves, currently unrecoverable by primary production:
    • Identification of existing producing leases with
      • Good primary cumulative oil production volumes
      • Good reservoir porosity and permeability
      • Sufficient unproduced but recoverable remaining oil reserves
      • Exhibit a lack of reservoir pressure and drive to recover additional oil by primary recovery alone.
    • Obtaining necessary Regulatory approvals to develop a new waterflood project on the acreage.
    • Performing geological and engineering evaluations to design the waterflood project
      • Select proper waterflood pattern type and orientation
      • Design project water injection station facilities and equipment
      • Design oil production batteries equipment and locations, and
      • Engineer oil well and water injection well drilling and completion procedures.
    • Implementation of new waterflood project and start-up.

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